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Jada Pinkett Smith offered up one of the most long awaited talk show episodes probably in history. Why? The subject and status of her and her husband Will Smith’s marriage has been one of the most talked about and worst kept secrets in history. And since it works for them and there haven’t been any issues, people have generally shrugged it off. The problem is people don’t like being blatantly lied to to their face. And the more you insist on clearly keeping secrets in front of people, the more they’re going to chip at it.

Their relationship has been their business aside from the occasional whispers of an open relationship, but it isn’t as though they’d be the first in Hollywood or history for that matter to have one of those. So what? Their two very erratic children who seem to be acting out in some form of wanting attention is what increased talks about their relationship in recent years where the only logical explanation could be, “well look at the house they grew up in and their parents’ relationship.”

Fast forward a few years and Jada found herself making a cryptic tweet about a come-to-Jesus moment where she needed some healing. And that happened because a skeleton of hers in the form of a side relationship she was in with R&B singer August Alsina came crashing out of the closet. She said she needed some healing but apparently she had already gotten some from him, but that’s another story. He did an interview with Angela Yee and not only said they had been in a relationship but that her husband Will gave him permission.

We covered this earlier and August is not someone who simply does things for attention which is what makes this look that much worse for her. And immediately her rep denied it, leading to this interview she decided to do with her husband to talk about things.

It’s hard to shake how incredibly bizarre and awkward this interview of a husband and wife on opposite sides of a table casually chatting about the wife cheating while laughing and giggling was very odd to see. It started with Will prompting his wife asking, “What happened, Jada,” almost like the mother of a pageant child forcing them to perform while speaking through gritted teeth. She said that she started what she referred to as an “entanglement” with August 4 to 4.5 years ago where she was helping someone having health issues. She said that this occurred while her and Will had been separated.

Even though they were busy laughing things off throughout the interview, Will repeatedly pointed out that he was done with Jada and was convinced they would never speak again. I’m sure his persistence on that topic wasn’t lost on the audience at all. She said that she did it to make herself feel good. She said she discovered she was seeking to solve her childhood trauma by always helping other people. So in other words she took advantage of a man to make herself better. Now imagine if a man said that.

And that new term Jada referred to her fling with August, an “entanglement.” Will asked for her to clarify what that meant and she called it a relationship… as she should have. She went on to say that she discovered that she couldn’t find happiness outside of herself and that even though the two did everything to get away from each other, it wasn’t possible. He said he felt like he was the husband at the press conference standing by his wife while she talked about her transgressions. They both agreed they didn’t ever want to go through this again and in unison said, “Ride together, die together, bad marriage for life.”

That last line might have been eye opening but I give them credit for talking about things and at least making an attempt to be honest. Someone who wasn’t convinced on their ability to tell the truth was Tischa Campbell. You all might recall we did an article showing how Campbell did a post calling both her and Will out for having an open relationship that everyone knows about but continue to lie about, and will do so until people stop believing them. Ironically she had nothing to say today.

Will joked in the end that he was going to get Jada back and she said in so many words that she deserved it. It was meant as a joke but it came across as one of those, I’m laughing but you know it’s going to happen, right? The difference is that remember, they were both separated and all we heard about is what Jada did. Will didn’t admit to anything. In our last article about this, we showed how Will was traveling around the world with a model named Heidy De la Rosa. But he did say that prior to this event, they saw no reason to share anything with the public because it’s private, so why would he voluntarily admit to anything?

I’ll also add that while this may have been a groundbreaking moment to put everything out on the table, the entire interview was 12 minutes long. Jada knew to keep it short before any real feelings came up. I worked with a woman who ran a sinking ship once with the exact demeanor that they did throughout this interview discussing dire subjects while grinning and laughing the entire time as a means of overcompensating. Knowing this type of behavior makes me fear what they’re like behind closed doors. But hey, if it’s not broke, why fix it?