Photo Credit: Jamie Foxx/Instagram

It has been almost 20 years since Jamie Foxx had a show about his life but here it is 2020 and he’s back in front of the camera parodying his life as well as holding the role of Executive Producer again. Inspired by his eldest daughter, 26 year old Corinne Bishop, Foxx has a new Netflix series named Dad Stop Embarrassing Me which seems appropriately titled because as talented of a man as Foxx is, we could only imagine him being one embarrassing dad. And we’re not talking about regular embarrassing. We’re talking the type who will spend the whole day, the week even planning on ways to embarrass you during song and dance when being introduced to your friends.

The show has been a long way in the making as it was originally announced in 2013 that he would be creating a show inspired by his relationship with his then 18 year old daughter to debut at the time on TNT. The description at the time read as follows:

“Every teenager is embarrassed by his/her parents. But what if your dad decided to descend upon your life in every way? Inspired by Jamie Foxx’s relationship with his 18-year-old daughter, this comedy explores the dynamic between a parent and a child and all the embarrassment that comes with it.”

And to make it all happen, the showrunner of The Jamie Foxx Show, Bentley Kyle Evans is coming back to be his showrunner again. He’s taking the place of Jim Patterson, co-creator of Netflix’ The Ranch who stepped down from the project. Ken Whittingham, who has worked as director for Modern Family and Black-ish will also be directing each episode.

Others starring in the show include Porscha Coleman from Silicon Valley and Ballers, Jonathan Kite from 2 Broke Girls and Black Dynamite: The Animated Series, Heather Hemmens of Roswell: New Mexico and If Loving You Is Wrong and Valente Rodriguez of Happily Divorced and The George Lopez Show.

Recently acclaimed work of Foxx’ include his portrayal of a wrongly accused man in Just Mercy, alongside Michael B, Jordan. He’ll also be in Disney/Pixar’s first black character led animation Soul.

While a number of shows have been debuting on Netflix, the streaming network has struggled to land a series beyond their first season outside of Fuller House in 2016. With Foxx being a veteran on television with a Midas touch of his own, this is an opportunity for him to change that.

We’ll also add that this show of Foxx’ has been on hold since 2013. If he’s able to pull this project from the cutting room floor and still have it see the light of day, the same could be the case for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore whose 2015 pilot she self funded of Life Twirls On that was never picked up may still stand a chance.