Photo Credit: Janet Jackson/Instagram

Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl controversy is getting ready to be reintroduced to the world via FX in a new documentary. Joining the ‘The New York Times Presents:’ docuseries, her episode will be titled ‘Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson.’ It does appear that the docuseries is taking her side in the scenario but her stylist at the time, Wayne Scot Lukas said she really doesn’t care to have her story litigated in the press by anyone else and would rather it just go away.

“She wants that documentary to go away. She didn’t ask for a ‘Free Janet’ documentary. She’s not interested.” He continued, “She asked us not to do it. She wants to tell her own story.” He’s going to be in the docuseries in January but says she’s asked him not to talk about the wardrobe malfunction in it. “They’re going to discuss it, and she’ll have her final say. I’m not privy to her final say, I just need to be aware of my story and I’ve been loyal for 18 years.”

Lukas says he’s recently received death threats since the announcement of the docuseries saying, “I really wish Janet or someone could come out now and say, ‘Leave my friend Wayne alone, he didn’t do anything wrong…’ as long as you keep me in the mix, fingers keep being pointed at me.” Another insider spoke about the aftermath of the event saying, “It didn’t end [Janet Jackson’s] career. She still broke records with albums, and she was just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

As for any possible ownership for the event, Lukas has said that he wasn’t held responsibile for what happened and if he were, he would have been fired that day.. which he wasn’t.