Photo Credit: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci/Instagram

HBO Max’s new show Legendary featuring voguing house battles has a cast member that’s caught the eye of many watching, and that’s Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci. The show’s hosts have been salivating over him as well with Megan Thee Stallion saying, “Jarrell, you look like a snack-ington with that beard.” And might we add that while sitting and looking at him trying to determine his age, Jarrell went to his first ball in 2004. He almost looks like he should have only been a few years old in ’04.

But to get to what we’re all here for. There’s a video of him in the nude and if Megan Thee Stallion saw it, she might have been thirsting over more than just his beard on the show. By the way, it was a faux beard but.. he could get away with it. We’ll let that one pass. And as for the little incident that Megan got into, we haven’t seen Tory Lanez naked but if you’re going to get shot over some d*ck, this is what you get shot over. This is the type you go to bat for.