Photo Credit: Jason Lee/Instagram; Karen Civil/Instagram

Influencers have been complaining for some time about having pages taken down on various social media networks so things have already been a bit tense in the blogosphere. What wasn’t expected was hearing that one of the industry’s prominent figures is assisting by paying to knock out the competition. That’s what was revealed when marketing specialist Karen Civil admitted to having Jason Lee of’s Instagram page hacked back in 2015.

So just how did we get to the point where a major influencer admitted to something as crazy as having a hacker go after a top blogger? Well she was in a Clubhouse argument with Joyner Lucas who on Clubhouse said he paid her $60,000 for her services back in 2015 and got nothing in return. She explained that PR work doesn’t show immediate results, that a number of people were contracted to work on his behalf to include her paying a hacker to take down Jason Lee of’s Instagram page. She then went on to say she was very sorry for going after Jason Lee.

Now insert Jason Lee into the equation who’s like.. hold on, what just happened here? He then said she belonged in jail for what she did. She said that you can’t be Olivia Pope without getting your hands dirty. Jason Lee said that Olivia Pope never admitted to her dirt.

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So just why would Karen Civil admit to doing something that blatantly devious and illegal? Well if you really want to be known for getting the job done at all costs, sacrifices have to be made. Who knows what the legal consequences for this will be but she definitely stamped herself officially as the fixer a lot of people are looking for.