Photo Credit: TS Madison

An interesting exchange between TS Madison and Jason Lee recently happened with Madison promptly correcting Lee for getting a little out of line in his reads of a couple black female industry heavy hitters. Now at face value, a show between two great on air personalities, TS Madison and Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, what could go wrong? Well making fat jokes talking to a fat woman probably isn’t a good idea, for starters. And I’m calling her that because that’s what she said. And she reminded Jason Lee that he’s fat as well. The target was Tyra Banks.

Now Tyra Banks is up there with Betty White as I see it in the black community. She is to be protected at all costs. Tyra’s never done anything to anyone. Why people insist on trying to dim her shine, I have no idea. The read that caused this was Jason Lee saying he had heard Tyra Banks was starting to look like Lizzo. No shade, but how many multiples of Tyra is Lizzo? And what did she do to be dragged into this? As we speak, Lizzo has been giving lunches to emergency room staff. Even if I wanted to make a Lizzo joke, I wouldn’t because she clearly cares enough about society to spend her time helping others while we’re in the middle of a national epidemic. And what is Jason Lee doing? Throwing shade at Tyra Banks.

This isn’t the first time someone’s called Tyra Banks fat. Who remembers during her talk show over 10 years ago when she told America “kiss my fat ass,” all because pics of her in a bikini a litte bigger than what people are used to her being. She’s also said that she was told she was too fat for the runway during the height of her career. Her mother was given a list of 8 designers who no longer wanted to work with her saying she needed to lose weight because her butt was getting too big. Her mother took her to a pizza parlor to brainstorm on her future. She told her to name every designer that likes ass, and particularly her ass because it was growing, it’s ok and that she’d “be damned if [her] baby starves for this industry.'” She went on to cover Sports Illustrated, being the first black woman to cover Victoria’s Secret Catalogue and one of the first angels of theirs. Tyra is the epitome of what many of the women he covers and hangs around from Love & Hip Hop want to be.

In the words of Lil Kim, “pay me homage.” Tyra has not only been the template, she’s provided plenty of opportunities for other women this entire millennium. It’s the equivalent of picking on a nun. Why even do it? If I had the time I would form the #LeaveTyraAlone committee because people need to learn about respecting the industry tastemakers. Hopefully he learned his lesson after this.