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Jay-Z has just made history by not only hitting billionaire status but being the first one in hip hop to do so. This was calculated by Forbes who stated his fortune came from liquor deals with the brands Armand de Brignac and D’Ussé, cash investments, art collections, real estate, streaming services, his record label, and music catalog. Conveniently, this happens to leave out his origins before the music when he lived in Brooklyn getting his start selling music (and drugs) at the time. Now this is important to mention because Jay-Z is a story of redemption.

Sean Carter, better known as Jay-Z grew up in one of the worst parts of New York City at the time, did what some would say was what was needed to make it to a better life, and what some say disqualifies him from being mentioned, but at the end of the day, he did it. People have their pasts and that goes for everyone down to the President, but many have been able to look past it to take advantage of his leadership. It would also behoove supporters of his not to be too smug when speaking about Jay-Z before too much digging goes into the president’s past. Luxury real estate, casinos and cash business in the 80s and 90s in and of itself can equal red flags. We’re just saying.

Breaking down his wealth, $220 million makes for cash and investments, his stake in liquor brands D’Ussé and Armand de Brignac totals $410 million, his music streaming platform Tidal is $100 million, Roc Nation is $75 million, his music catalog is $75 million, his art collection, $70 million and he has $50 million in real estate investments.

Also, an argument going on today is that Dr. Dre is a billionaire because he sold his brand Beats by Dre to Apple for $3 billion. That does not automatically mean he is a billionaire. You have investors, debt etc. to pay whenever you sell a company. His net worth is $850 million which is still an amazing thing in and of itself.

And lastly, a favorite memory of ours when it comes to Jay-Z is the day Fox & Friends covered the Solange/Jay-Z elevator attack where Beyonce sang about their being “a billion dollars in the elevator,” to which the host speaking laughed saying “I guess they think they’re worth a billion dollars.” At the time, Jay-Z and Beyonce collectively were worth $1 billion or just shy of it. Now that just one of them alone is a clear billionaire, we wonder if they’re going to eat those words.

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