Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club

Over the last 5 years, Wisconsin police officer Joseph Mensah killed 3 people that he is calling to have him fired over. The victims, Alvin Cole, Antonio Gonzales and Jay Anderson consist of 2 instances of self-defense and the latter still under investigation. No charges were filed and Jay-Z has in response taken out an open letter in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by way of his social justice initiative Team Roc.

“How many more people must die at the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah? Mensah has recklessly shot and killed THREE men of color, inexplicably failed to enable his dash camera, and failed to render medical aid during these tragic instances. Prosecute him,” the letter reads. The letter goes on to highlight an often forgotten fact and that is that body cameras are not that common across the country, and aren’t required to be on in many instances when they’ve been implemented. Two of the three cases didn’t require body cameras to be mandated to be on. The letter goes on to cite that “the failure to preserve video evidence has impeded multiple investigations.” Mensah’s termination was called on “to ensure he never kills anyone again.”

This open letter coincides with Jay-Z’s Made In America festival being postponed to 2021 citing how “collectively, we are fighting parallel pandemics: COVID-19, systematic racism and police brutality.” It went on to say “Now is the time to protect the health of our artists, fans, partners, and community as well as focus on our support of organizations and individuals fighting for social justice and equality in our country. The popular festival has been home to a number of memorable performances including those from Cardi B, Tierra Whack, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Meek Mill and Lizzo. While it was set to take place Sept. 5-6 at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, it will be rescheduled for Labor Day Weekend 2021.