Photo Credit: JayDaYoungan/Instagram

Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan was killed outside of his home this past Wednesday at 24. His father Kenyatta Scott opened up about what happened to TMZ saying he was ambushed by 5 people when it all happened. Three armed people jumped out of a black truck that pulled up followed by two more people who ran up from the side of the property when they tried to run inside the house to get away. Scott says he shot back to defend them both but ultimately his son’s life was taken away. JayDaYoungan, whose real name is Javarious Scott was shot 8 times while his father was hit in the arm twice.

As for the reason this event happened, Scott believes it’s over jealousy because he made it out of Bogalusa and they didn’t. And he does have a point because a number of rappers have spoken about how dangerous staying in your hometown is after making it in the game. Scott says he doesn’t believe it was gang related and unsure if he knew the gunmen. The Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen on the other hand isn’t ruling out gang beef and retaliation as a motive of the killing. They also seem to believe there was only one shooter in contrary to what his father says. His dad says Scott was a “good, humble and respectful kid.”

JDY’s sister Janell wrote a tribute hours after his death saying, “Javorious, no way they took you from me like this. I’m sick to my stomach, they wanted this… they wanted to see you like this bro. I’m so sorry. I love you so much!!! Sister is so hurt. I literally watched you grow from the ground up w this rapping shit! You was the goat in my eyes, especially from where we come from baby I’m so sorry!!!!! Jay you literally hurt us with this shit!!! Dawg this cannot be life!!! I got J.R., and I Love You So Much. 23 Forever and I’m standing on it. City will get painted red!”