Photo Credit: Jazmin Johnson/Instagram

The season premier of Married to Medicine LA was last night and cast member Jazmin Johnson hands down won the episode. Now I know this wasn’t a competition but for cast members on reality television, it absolutely is. Making the best entrance, one liners, etc. are all things too often taken into consideration. Think about the number of times wads of money have been thrown in the faces of people on Love & Hip Hop or the epic reading moments on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. This was different for Jazmin. As someone who doesn’t have as big of a personality as the rest of the cast, throughout the entire episode, she was either on the minds of everyone else or they were trying to change the conversation from her.

Without taking anything she’s done into consideration, nearly everyone commented on her physique. Visiting Married to Medicine Atlanta: castmember Quad Lunceford talked about how she must eat a slice of lettuce and cut a bean in half for dinner… or something like that. Don’t quote me. Later on when Dr. Heavenly, also from Atlanta commented on Kendra’s size, wearing a crop top even though she wasn’t Jazmin, insinuating she was the standard for such clothing, that was yet another win for Jazmin.

Then there is Jazmin’s lifestyle. She invited the LA and Atlanta cast to her investment rental villa in the Hollywood Hills. The home is around 4,000 square feet and 3 stories. It left Toya Harris’ mouth open throughout her tour. And this comes from a woman who built a house with everything one could imagine inside of it. Dr. Heavenly said, and I quote, “Jazmin is the LA version of what Toya would like to be. She’s the real thing.” Now if this were anyone else, I’d say that that confessional moment was a good indication those two are no longer on good standing, but then again, this is Dr. Heavenly. She says what she wants and doesn’t give a f*ck where it lands.

During the last season, Jazmin’s house was said to look like a drug dealer’s house. Talk has been happening ever since about what her husband actually does for a living. Mind you, this is on top of the near 10,000 square foot home they live in themselves. The last time a conversation like this came up, I reminded a friend that people fail to realize how much doctors actually make. But these two had not one but if I recall correctly, something like 3 Bentleys outside of their door at their home when the cameras first pulled up during the last season, something Dr. Imani was clear to note while saying it looked like a drug dealer’s house. Now do I blame her for the comment? A snap reaction is a snap reaction, but at the same time, you’re on national television and there are consequences to these words, especially when you’re talking about a doctor. As one herself, she should know that. It also means that since she’s also a psychiatrist, she would have a better idea of what their salaries would be.

Did I do my research to try to find some type of string of evidence or connection to show it may be a trail of dirty money and came across nothing. Also, I study black market capitalism and having money without a clear source of income and multiple businesses do set off a red flag or two. It gives the appearance of needing to wash money.

Personally I have a hard time believing that Jazmin was vetted for this show with that type of a background. But then again there was the Salahis who were said to have been house sitting when they shot their overhead video of a home that turned out to be a friend’s they were using to get on the Real Housewives of DC. And in all fairness, being someone’s that’s from DC, the couple had serious clout before destroying it on reality tv, so that detail was easy to gloss over. The chances of Jazmin being found and placed on this show with an empire built on drug money doesn’t pass the smell test. And she’s posted a pic of her husband Gadson Johnson who I believe it’s safe to say he beats all of the other husbands of both the Atlanta and LA casts.

When other cast members weren’t either trying to avoid Jazmin or others trying to get her to make up with them, there was Quad trying to give Jazmin a thank you speech for inviting them into her home, to which Britten said no one paid to hear her speak and no one cared. Dr. Heavenly had her scene stealing moment meeting someone with an asian husband where she mentioned the stereotype of Asians with small penises. That of course didn’t go well. I was also reminded of one of my cardinal rules of fighting which is not to do it near fire. They were all sitting around a fire pit. The second the first person stood up raising their voice, I would have moved straight to safety.

So for an episode where women flew across the country to join another cast for a season opener and the pressure to start off on a high note, the one who managed to do the least that received the most attention simply for existing won. I can see now a lot of this season is going to be unintentional snooping into the life of Jazmin Johnson. Hopefully it doesn’t result in any type of Karen Huger Washington Post tax scandal but the bricks for the moment is already being built.