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The Real star Jeannie Mai got caught in an Instagram Story calling who we all thought was her fiancé, rapper Jeezy her husband. That of course caused tongues to start wagging. She’s in the middle of a Youtube series with her mother planning her wedding. Why go through all of that and secretly be married? The perceived slip up occurred while showing off her home studio when she found a note Jeezy left her for the season 7 premiere of The Real. That’s when she said, “The best part is, look at my good luck charm for today, my note from my beautiful husband. I love him so much.”

Instead of letting people talk, Mai addressed it head on saying, “Where’s the lie? I don’t see a problem.” She went on to say, “Guys, no! There as not been a wedding because you guys would of course know. But second of all, when you say yes, you should already look at that person like your husband. When I say yes, if I wasn’t comfortable calling him my husband, I wouldn’t say yes in the first place.”

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A cryptic social media post had us in our feelings…did Jeannie get married???

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Mai did add one very good point left out of the conversation. “By the way, guys call their ladies ‘wifey’ all the time… Trust me, if there was wedding the entire country of Vietnam would know. You think you’re not gonna hear about it?” Again, where’s the lie? If men do it all the time, why can’t she? We would counter by saying that there is a lot that comes with being legally married and it comes across as a slap in the face to married people for non-married folks to go around claiming they’re married when they’re not. You don’t have the whole legal process, division of assets etc to go through when divorcing if you’re not married. Again, at the end of the day, whose business is it, anyway? But asking if she’s married already when she is publicly wedding planning but still calling her man her husband is a worthwhile question.

As to the whole covid wedding idea, she was asked if she would get married now with all of these various lockdown rules going on. She responded, “Planning a wedding doesn’t feel right in my soul.” She added, “I’d have to make myself do it. It’s not something I wake up thinking about. I wake up thinking about the fact that a lot of my relatives are out of jobs. I’m thinking about the fact that we have to move our situations to make sure we protect our kids and our moms. There are things that are much more important at this time. So, yeah, we would be [married] but spiritually we feel…”

Anyway, we’re glad to see the wedding planning is still going well and that the two are in a happy place. We’ll be updating more on their wedding planning process.