Photo Credit: Andre Marhold/OnlyFans

Jeffree Star, if you don’t know about is a trans celebrity that is a ne’er do well that went from once being penned as the next Lady Gaga to making news for some type of racist event every couple months and manages to still keep her celebrity. This time she managed to snag a ball player than had everyone talking and for whatever Star is, had to give some credit for this fine man she’s got. They’ve since fallen out with the baller claiming he only got with her to help her fix her image and would never sleep with someone so overtly racist. The internet isn’t exactly so convinced and his baby mother was literally on the internet crying. Now that’s weird, but now that we’ve seen him naked, it all makes since.

This baller Star got with is Andre Marhold and the first leak of him naked is out and hands down he is packing. And whether Star got with him or not, she’s going to wish she did after seeing this. It’s also kind of hard to imagine him out driving Bentleys, etc that people assumed was Star’s if he w asn’t giving her any. Well we’re happy seeing this new revelation abotu Marhold and certainly am looking forward to more of it.

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