Photo Credit: Jen Shah/Instagram

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah may have been arrested last week but it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to provide the drama. To start, she’s at home after facing charges for allegedly defrauding hundreds of older people in a what is said to be a telemarketing scam. Be that as it may, the show is still filming and she’s said to still have plans to continue filming. And why wouldn’t she? She’s the show’s breakout star.

So in her latest controversy, Shah is now in a leaked audio stating that she’s the only minority on the show because Mary Cosby thinks she’s white. “…I’m the only minority on the show. Mary [Cosby] doesn’t even count because Mary thinks she’s white. But, they just all came for me, which it’s fine. I’m gonna be myself. People like that because I’m real. And they know I’m the one on the show that has the biggest heart too. They know that…”

Now I am not going to say anything about her accusing anyone of thinking they’re white because… some people simply do and show contempt for those who look like them. With that being said, she also went on to call the rest of the cast racist, specifically calling out Heather Gay.

“Heather, she can lie all she wants but I’m ready to bust her s*** wide open. I was ready to do it in the summertime when I started my ‘Shah Tha Fah Up’ podcast for IG live. Then I got a call from BRAVO like ‘Hey, you know, can you please not say anything?’ Yeah – you wanna know why – I didn’t mention any names, but you wanna know I’m getting a call? You saw on the footage, the b**** is racist as f***. They all were.”

Shah knows the cast better than the rest of us do so we’re looking forward to hearing more about this said racist behavior she’s talking about. And we have to thank Ms. Shah for continuing to earn her keep on the show. Think what you may about her but the woman is hired to be entertaining and that is exactly what she’s doing.

Photo Credit: Jen Shah/Instagram