Photo Credit: Nathan Griffith/Instagram

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans really knows how to pick them when it comes to men. Her ex-husband Courtland Rogers has been arrested twice over the past 4 months on drug charges and it’s been revealed now that ex Nathan Griffith was hospitalized over erratic behavior earlier in the month. On New Year’s day he locked his mother out of his house in an argument after reporting to the police that she had driven her car into his. He opened the door only after she promised to apologize. Police arrived and said they couldn’t do anything because it occurred on private property, so they would have to hash it out. He instead drove off in his car and ignored 50+ calls from his mother who then called the police worried about him because he threatened to take his life in their house before leaving.

The sad part is that his son Kaiser that he shares with Evans was present for the whole thing. Officers caught up with Griffith while he was out and managed to convince him to go in for a mental evaluation. Five hours later he was released after doctors determined he wasn’t a threat to himself or the public. Evans also is currently estranged from her husband David Eason who she just dropped a restraining order against so her children could see him. We’re happy to see Griffith doing well but who doesn’t seem to be doing so great is Evans because the men she seems to keep choosing really are a handful. She needs to watch it if for no other reason than her safety. Being a bad guy is one thing but posing a threat to your significant other is a problem and if she keeps dating men involved in crime and threatening the safety of themselves and others, she needs to watch herself.