Photo Credit: Jennifer Williams/Instagram

Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams made news earlier in the year in a surprising social media post of her Range Rover, reporting it missing and asking the public for their help in finding it and the man she was dating, Aaron Nichols, that stole it. He also stole thousands of dollars from her. Now truth is stranger the fiction and for her to come out and tell the public is a big deal. Now the television personality has decided to take her story and that of other women he has scammed and turn it into a documentary. If you’re going to go through that much of a financial loss and experience this type of embarrassment you might as well make some money in the process.




During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, she said “He’s taken advantage of so many women and there a lot of them out there that are too embarrassed to come forward.” As for fearing how she would look through all of this, she said “I’m not embarrassed – If I have to tell my story, so that he doesn’t do this to anyone else, I’m willing to do that. I don’t want another person to be hurt.”

In another interview with NeNe Leakes on Leakes’ Youtube series, Williams explained that they remained close after breaking up and that he offered to store her car while she moved from LA to Georgia. After asking for her car a few times and getting the run around, that’s when she realized he had been scamming women, ruining their credit and stealing cars from them.

Williams’ show will be based on this relationship and will be called Scam Likely and will be a product of her new television production company, Jennifer Williams Productions. Details on the release date will be shared when available.