Photo Credit: TMZ Live

Jermaine Dupri found himself in a precarious situation following an interview he did with People Now where reports circulated of him saying female rappers today sound like strippers. He clarified his statements today to TMZ Live saying he was referring to only 3 female rappers he was asked about which were Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Now to be fair here, only one of them were a stripper before, and that is Cardi B. She chose to make a video in response and being as though she’s the sole former stripper, one would think she might have some harsh words for Dupri, but that was hardly the case. She said that she raps about what she does because that’s what people expect from her. She said when she released the single ‘Be Careful,’ her fans were asking “what is that?” So that’s why she raps about what she does. Dupri said it seems as though she’s heard this before and it took him addressing the elephant in the room in order for the conversation to start.

Now it’s important to point out that he said he was not talking about all female rappers and just three. We say that because a lot of people tend to blanket stereotype the rap industry based on a few singles on the radio which is disingenuous at best. And as he says, there’s a million female rappers out there that rap about a number of other topics and ones that don’t come across as strip club anthems. So being the ever enterprising man that Dupri is, he chose to take full advantage of the moment and said he has a beat uploaded on his Soundcloud for any female to rap over who doesn’t get the same shine as the rappers he mentioned the strip club music he was talking about, and he might give them some well deserved shine they’ve been looking for. Now that’s the type of stuff that we talk about. He didn’t just complain about the situation, he provided a solution for it. After all, Jermaine Dupri is an industry legend. If anyone is capable of changing the industry’s landscape, it would be him. We’re going to be tuning in to see what he’s able to come up with.