Photo Credit: JessHilarious/Instagram

Rapper Asian Doll celebrated her 26th birthday recently and looked amazing doing it. It’s just unfortunate it was mired in scandal. After New York designer Calia Abdul made it known that she was booked to design a birthday dress for the Drippin’ in Glo rapper and got ghosted, comedian Jess Hilarious stepped in and not only bought the dress from her but did a holiday photoshoot to show it off. And in came the comments to Jess Hilarious praising her for doing right by the designer unlike Asian Doll with one fan saying, “Honestly this dress deserved to be worn by someone worthy! Im glad it was you jess! Bodied!” Another said, “Now Imagine if that girl had taken the dress and referred to you as “the girl” instead of giving your your proper credit for your work like this queen, blessing come in mysterious ways.” A third added, “I see what you did and I’m here for it always uplifting other women!”

As for Asian Doll, she’s clapped back shortly after her birthday earlier this morning and pretty much let the world know she wasn’t having it for those who were criticizing her. She posted on the 9th “I’m so tired of explaining myself on the internet to b–ches… I rather not say nun no more, believe what you want idgaf.” She later tweeted, “Yesterday I let y’all talk, today ima tell all you b–ches to suck my d— one by one… let’s play.” And that’s not exactly the best response from someone who said she sent her design to someone else to make a knock off and that as a small business it was a huge loss. It doesn’t appear that she has any interest in rectifying the situation but all we can say is that karma does pay people visits anad for Abdul, she DID receive good karma in the end. As for Ms. Asian Doll… fix it.