Photo Credit: Jilly Anais/Instagram

Jilly Anais recently released her new single Throwback from her EP Copy & Paste released this Spring. A slow song best described by the lyric “I ain’t never outta style like a throwback,” she performed the song at ATL’s Rooftop Vybez which has been home to other indie artists such as former OMG Girlz singer Bahja Rodriguez, the First Lady of Blackground Records 2.0 Autumn Marini, Ayanis and more. With fans responding saying “what’s this song called I want it in my library right now!” and “Best performance so far!! 😍🤘🤘,” the pop star gave a good start to her promo for the new single.

You may know her for her music, others know her as an influencer while others know her as Deshaun Watson’s girlfriend. And while he’s been knee deep in legal issues lately, that could actually work as a double edged sword as that’s how we discovered Jilly as an artist. And we’ve been listening to her since. Her EP title of Copy & Paste she says comes from those who bite her style without giving her credit which makes her the blueprint. And outside of music, the Boss Babe business owner has a cookbook out and her very own perfume line.

Check out Jilly Anais’ Rooftop Vybez performance below and tell us what you think: