Photo Credit: Joe Rogan/Instagram

Podcast host Joe Rogan, the man who picked up a $100 million podcast to be more annoying with a louder microphone got trolled today in the most beautiful of ways. Someone proposed to a person named Mollie Pratt with a beautiful skywriting message followed by one more that said “ONE MORE THING … JOE ROGAN IS LITEALLY (sic) 5 FOOT 3.” Of course his height isn’t accurate. He’s an inch shorter than Floyd Mayweather at 5’7. You might not have known that about Mayweather because, well who’s going to make fun of HIS height? He’ll kick your a**.

So far Rogan has not responded to the message. Mind you, in the past he’s said he’s 5’8 while Google says 5’7. Who knows which is to be believed. And why would someone do this? This is a man who blamed California wildfires on “activists,” which he said in air quotes and told people not to take the COVID vaccine, for whatever reason, a guy whose producers on Fear Factor have said they’re going to Hell for the things they did while working with him so he seems to be a perfect candidate to make fun of. Oh, and Mollie said yes, a declaration also shared in the skywriting message.