Photo Credit: John Singleton/Instagram

Reports came out this morning that film director John Singleton passed away which have been retracted and corrected by his family stating he’s still alive and remains in a coma. His spokesperson Sharon Barr said he’s “still on life support” and anything to the contrary “is inaccurate.” Singleton suffered a stroke on the 17th while in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where he checked in following a trip to Costa Rica where he started experiencing problems with his legs upon returning.

The hashtag #RIPJohnSingleton was trending this morning as conflicting reports of him passing were reported by film critic Shawn Edwards, but this hasn’t been the first of this misinformation circulating. His daughter has even claimed he wasn’t even in a coma at all. In a court filing, the 19 year old said he’s been sedated while doctors have tried to determine his condition, but says he’s still responding to stimuli and occasionally smiling. She claims his mother, Sheila Ward, is misrepresenting his condition to gain control over his finances. She also says the mother has been his business manager for years and has long mismanaged his affairs and wants another family member to have control.

While the family fights over what is to become of the Singleton estate or even the extent of his health issues, he’s still lucky to be here. In fact, just over the weekend, Jessie Ferguson from his film Boyz n the Hood passed away at 76. Hopefully his family will be grateful and realize that could have been him. The public is certainly rooting for him because he managed to make it from South L.A. as one of the more prolific and iconic black film directors in modern times penning Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Shaft and those are just a few. He definitely has our prayers for him to pull through this.