Photo Credit: Jussie Smollett/ABC News

Shortly after Jussie Smollett gave an emotional Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts this morning. He waxed on tearfully, speaking about how painful it was to hear people questioning his account of what happened when it was the truth. Then shortly after he was called in by Chicago police for an interview to get his story straight one more time. This time an extra from the show he’s on, Empire was there and another person as they were found to be on the scene of the crime when it happened. This is an interesting turn of events as this hasn’t come up before. It insinuates the possibility of a staged event or just a coincidence that they were outside during the polar vortex with him.

Sources close to the situation have stated the Chicago police picked up Jussie right after he flew into Chicago ‘s O’Hare airport last night, because if you’d remember, his GMA interview was pretaped Wednesday, February 13th. The Chicago Tribune has quoted police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi as stating the two men brought in for an interview “are not considered suspects at this time,” which conflicts with TMZ’s account that they are. Further details will be given as they come in.