And now the details are starting to come out in the Jussie Smollett case. After appearing for a Chicago police interview last night following his Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts, he failed to show for another Chicago police interview this morning. The home of two men of Nigerian descent, one of which has worked as an extra on Empire, had their home raided this evening with the police taking bleach, shoes, electronics and more.

Family of the two men were asked by CBS Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar why they felt the police were taking them in and they said because they both left the country for Nigeria the day of the attack. During the time family members say they left for Nigeria, the attack happened hours later.

Sources have claimed that the attack was staged because Jussie Smollett was being written off of Empire. A top source has said “We [investigators] believe the non-cooperating 2 witnesses are co-conspirators in a potentially staged attack” on Jussie Smollett.

Chicago police have been unable to confirm any of the details as of now but an attorney for the two persons of interest just spoke with her clients within the hour. Updates will be coming shortly.