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Jussie Smollett has come out of hiding to serenade us while there’s rioting and protesting going on outside. The song he chose to sing about was about the “ugliness” surrounding him with lyrics like how the “emperor has no clothes while people are suffering in chokeholds.” Quite clever, Mr. Smollett. There’s just a little irony here. Remember all the national outrage he caused last year? He’s been holed up in the house for the last year and a half over his case with the two Nigerian Osundairo brothers.

It may not have ever been flat out proven that he lied about anything but just the mention his name for the longest caused some of the most split opinions we’ve had about anything next to the 2016 election and what’s going on outside now. One could argue that if he doesn’t want to see carnage outside, not to go out there. In his defense he’s been in his bunker for almost as long as Joe Biden’s been in his it seems and a little music to share with the world can’t hurt anyone. After all, he was a supporter for criminal justice issues before all of this happened so it’s within his character to say something about this and it’s not a bad song either. I actually want to hear the rest of it.

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