Photo Credit: Jussie Smollett/Instagram

The Jussie Smollett case has taken all types of interesting turns and wreaked of insider dealings the entire time with Chicago top prosecutor Kim Foxx on the case. Finally, a judge ordered that a special prosecutor be assigned to the case because her work on the case from recusing herself but not really meaning it to speaking to family members of his just didn’t pass the smell test. The long, cumbersome process of getting a special prosecutor finally finished and now it’s been revealed that the new prosecutor, Dan K. Webb, co-chairman of Winston & Strawn donated to Foxx’ campaign. If it’s not one thing with this case, it’s another.

In a two page declaration filed in Cook County criminal court Monday, Webb revealed he had co-hosted a 2016 fundraiser for now-Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx at his law firm and also wrote her a $1,000 check. He also stated he had no recollection of attending or making a donation but said it was likely done at the behest of a colleague who put the event on. This was brought to his attention by an attorney for Foxx, Michael Bromwich who said they would be making no claims of conflict of interest regarding the donation.

“I should point out that it is common for Winston partners to host fundraisers for political candidates at our firm,” Webb wrote in his statement to Cook County Judge Michael Toomin who appointed him as special prosecutor in August. “It is also common that my Winston partners request that I contribute to these fundraisers.”

But that’s hardly going to be the end of it. He’s expected to discuss the donation in court on Friday in a hearing with Toomin at the Leighton Criminal Court Building. An emailed statement from Foxx stated that she had been made aware of the donation last Tuesday by her campaign staff. “Mr. Webb was notified that same day, and my office continues to cooperate fully with the investigation,” her email stated.

Then Smollett made a rare social media appearance this week popping up in the comments in the gossip site The Shade Room covered the little girl in Virginia, Amari Allen who lied about her classmates taunting her and cutting her hair as a form of bullying. Social media influencer Derrick Jackson poked fun at Smollett in the comments calling Smollett a trendsetter with the racial hoaxes. This didn’t set well with the former Empire actor who clapped back with an essay of a response.

“With all due respect brother, y’all can clown me all you want but my story has actually never changed and I haven’t lied about a thing,” Smollett replied to Jackson. “Y’all can continue to be misinformed, internalized sheep, who believe what actual proven liars feed you or you can read the actual docs. Either way, I’mma be alright. I know me and what happened. You don’t. So carry on. All love.”

To be honest, the last person we would expect Smollett to come out of hiding to respond to would be Jackson but then again, he probably had just had enough of people talking about him. For now, he needs to focus on his future and if he told the truth, be confident in it but don’t start the Instagram comment battles because you’re not going to win. And he needs to hope this special prosecutor doesn’t come up with reason to throw him in jail. That’s more important than arguing with a man known for making videos about what type of man to look for.