Photo Credit: K Michelle/Instagram

Before we start this off, K Michelle is a gorgeous woman and immensely talented. With that being said, she looks amazing in most of what she wears and posts herself in. But today, she posted a pic both semi-nude and with a new style, pink hair. The woman introduced to many of us in blue hair over a decade ago isn’t afraid to take chances with her styles and has proven herself to be quite versatile. What else appears to be versatile is her face. Fans commented saying she’s unrecognizable and all we could think about is the way this woman goes off on trolls on the internet.

Now K Michelle has said several times she’s trying to turn a new leaf, that she’s going to stop being petty and work on her anger issues. After seeing she was trending over this pic that everyone is saying looks nothing like her, all we could think of was, Lord, please don’t let this woman get on Live and start cursing any and everybody out like she’s Khia Shamone on here.. Lord please. I’m just not in the mood. Respectfully. And I won’t lie, I literally spit across the screen reading the comments. It’s ok, K. You still look amazing. You can use whatever filter you want. lol