Photo Credit: K Michelle/Instagram

K Michelle just put out a new hood anthem Supa Hood with Kash Doll and Yung Miami of City Girls. This comes at an interesting time because we’ve been watching her on Love & Hip Hop for some time lately saying she was putting out a country album but before she does that, it looks like she had to get this out of her system first. After all, she did say she was doing one more R&B album before delving head first into country. The track, done with two of the hottest female emcees out now reminds us of her original work from 10 years ago, Self Made and Kiss My Ass. Filled with memorable lyrics like, “The hooder the better, we better together / The richer the ni**a, the pussy get wetter,” it’s pretty explicit in telling how she feels about hood love.

For those unfamiliar with K Michelle’s reality television work, she’s gotten into a fight or two on the show and in most cases, she’s usually the aggressor. She sings about being from Memphis and jumping gates and anyone who does all that probably needs a hood guy by their side to help back up that mouth when they take things too far… not that we’ve seen that happen to K Michelle but… we’re just saying. Remember that scene on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood when she chased Lyrica Anderson while being hooked up to an IV? Yeah, that’s bold.

Kash Doll on the other hand is known for rapping about a diamond bracelet and has sat on Instagram using rolls of cash as hair rollers. And Yung Miami is part of the rap duo City Girls where the other half of the group is currently serving time for credit card fraud so those two fit the lyrics of wanting a rich guy. K Michelle’s been in the news for not paying rent a number of times over the years so in her case, yes, the richer the better to help pay that rent. And who remembers when she said she had evil sex demons and started pouring some type of powder all around her bedroom years ago? It looks like she found the solution to that…. a hood guy.

But in all seriousness, it’s a great song. This is the type of work from K Michelle we like. It’s lighthearted fun and she teamed up with two bonafied rising rappers out now. This track is expected to appear on her 5th album All Monsters Are Human which does not have a release date as of yet.