Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss/Instagram

Last night was the second part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion which has taken on a tone that the show has not had before. With the exception of Kenya Moore who wakes up and chooses violence before every episode, the cast had largely gotten along with each other. Drew Sidora, whose wig was described as a pet by LaToya still shared a moment where they talked about the intimate life details they shared with each other on the show. Even Marlo Hampton couldn’t resist half being nice to Porsha Williams while reading her. Being an aunt must really be having an affect on her because that’s not the Marlo we’re used to seeing. Marlo will rip your head off, eat it, pick her teeth and ask who’s next under any other circumstances.

It’s Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams that’s really shocked us the most. A montage of the history of their friendship starting with Burruss being accused of raping and drugging people by Williams. Then it showed their gradual progression into being friends again which almost no one saw coming.

Burruss did an interview with People Magazine on how she was able to “bury the hatchet with Porsha.” She said “I guess like, this year, it just seemed like, you know, it was headed in a much better direction. We were having a lot more fun together, around each other. And then when we were at Cynthia’s event and she was showing support to DonJuan as well, I was like, ‘Okay, now this is really a different situation.’”

And what was the magic moment that brought Williams’ and Burruss together? “I just think that when we shook … we meant it,” said Porsha, 39. “Even when Kandi and I have issues outside of the group, we’ll talk about it over text and deal with it. And we deal with it and we leave it there.”

As for what Moore thinks of the matter. She said during the second part of the reunion, “In my opinion, you know, you still have to keep one eye open on someone that has hurt you so much. You can forgive, but it’s hard to forget,” said Kenya. “And I think that Kandi is probably just still in the process of forgetting. But she’s a great person with a heart of gold and I just think that she is just still in her process.”

Burruss told PEOPLE Every Day podcast host Janine Rubenstein “there were a lot of disagreements” during the 13th season. “Everybody knows [about] the whole, ‘Was there a threesome or was there not a threesome in the house when we were on the trip?’ ” referring to Bailey’s dungeon themed bachelorette party. “I don’t really know where I stand with Porsha right now.”

The 44 year old singer continued, “I have no idea … we were doing okay. And then obviously the whole dungeon conversation at the reunion was a little weird [and] awkward, but it seemed cool.”

“And then there was some article that came out the other day. So now I don’t know how she’s feeling about that,” Kandi continued. “It was talking about scenes they didn’t end up putting in the show [and] that she didn’t really want to be a part of the show, and it was just a whole bunch of mess.”

Ultimately though, “at the end of the day,” she doesn’t “really have a problem” with Porsha, Kandi said.

“We had to discuss things that happened. And sometimes that can make it uncomfortable between us,” she said. “Obviously I don’t really bite my tongue that much. I tried not to put people on blast or whatever, but it’s weird when you’re on a show and you’re expected to talk about those things. So it just always makes the relationship awkward.”

It seemed like it would take an act of God to bring these two together so if that was possible, albeit with them taking baby steps with one another, that definitely shows some promise for the rest of us with our personal relationships. Now if Williams and Moore can rekindle again, we’ll have to see if God is in the mood to strike the same place twice.