Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss/Instagram

Kandi Burruss had a surrogate for her last child because as a woman with multiple jobs, 2 other childrenm etc and being over 40, that sounded like a good option to us… and most rational people. But everyone doesn’t exactly see things like that. In a recent interview, she shared how her motherhood skills have been questioned before for choosing to get a surrogate and that it hurt to hear.

“It really hurt my feelings. I don’t like really talking about it because it makes me emotional. I don’t think she was trying to hurt my feelings. But when she saw it, or heard that I was doing it, she was just like, ‘Aren’t you afraid that you’re not gonna bond with your baby?’”

She described the person who made the remark as being older so their stance on parenting is likely going to be different. “She’s older, so I guess her initial thinking is like just because somebody doesn’t physically have their baby that they won’t be able to have that same bond as a mother who physically pushed the baby out.” She added, “And I can tell you for sure, if you ever had a doubt in your mind, that is not true.”

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