Photo Credit: Drake/Instagram

Fans for Kanye and Drake have declared their shock at ticket prices for their upcoming LA concert. Labeled the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert, fans thought the show was free so imagine their shock when they saw $200 and $500 sticker prices. There were reported to be 2,000 concurrent users surprised it wasn’t free.

“Wait so the drake kanye concert isn’t free?” one fan asked on Twitter. “I thought they said the kanye and drake concert was free. but the word ‘free’ was part of the statement ‘free larry hoover’ and the tickets are actually expensive,” lamented somebody else. One guy posted a picture of a sad clown in front of a computer captioned with “me sitting in front of 3 separate computers waiting in line for the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert by Ye and Drake just to find out that the tickets are, in fact, not free.”

Larry Hoover as a cultural phenomenon went into prison around the time Generation Z was born so a lot of these younger fans don’t know who he is so hearing “Free Larry Hoover concert” sounds like a free show. It’s okay. This will at minimum provide an opportunity for people to do research on who this is actually about. And about those prices, one person put it into perspective on Twitter saying, “mfs complaining bout the Kanye x Drake Free Larry Hoover tickets as if its not 2 of the biggest artists of our generarion coming together after beefing.”