Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

February marked the official beginning of the end of KimYe as we know it with Kim Kardashian filing to divorce Kanye West after 7 years of marriage. West just responded to Kardashian’s filing requesting joint custody of their 4 children which is essentially the same thing she’s asking for. Given that Kardashian hired famed divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, we don’t have to worry about her being taken advantage of and Kanye is well, Kanye, so there’s that. And how convenient is it that he responded right after she announced being a billionaire? You could say that it was at that point it became clear that she shouldn’t need anything from him.

Both stars have stated they don’t need spousal support and will be handling their own legal bills and given them both being in the billionaire’s club, that shouldn’t be an issue. Kardashian is likely going to get the children more of the time given West’s schedule and the fact that he’s likely wanting to spend more of his time in Wyoming where he started getting away in 2019. No date of separation was named in the divorce documents but we could kind of tell when all of this began. At the time your husband compares your mother to a North Korean dictator in public, things have probably been going south for some time. At least they were able to come to an amicable conclusion without any major Brad and Angelina conflict… at least so far.

In other Kanye news, he has a Netflix docuseries about his two decade career in the business the streaming platform just paid $30 million for. From being a hiphop staple who has survived several attempts of being canceled to joining the world of the Kardashians, fashion, politics, there is plenty in there to unpack, we’re sure.  The series was shot by the production duo Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah and is as yet to be titled.  They previously worked with him on his Jesus Walks (Version 3) and Through the Wire music videos. So far it looks like his divorce likely isn’t going to be featured but there’s plenty more to salivate over until it is released. All that we know for now is that it has a tentative release date of some time in 2021.