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Kanye has proved he’s not only uncancellable but that if he chooses an arena to dominate, he does it. He just outshined Drake, seen as having the biggest project of the year until Adele came around but once he was on stage next to Kanye, the superstar status, new body, etc. couldn’t help him. And he’s shaking things up in the gospel industry as well.

Gospel artist Pastor Mike McClure Jr., who goes by Pastor Mike Jr., openly rebuked Kanye on Instagram after hearing he was ranked Billboard’s top gospel artist of the year. And for context, Pastor Mike, JR won 2021 Artist of the Year at The Stellar Awards and took home 3 out of the 7 awards he was nominated for.

As for Kanye’s Billboard ranking, he said, “Kanye West isn’t a Gospel Artist. He’s a rapper who did a gospel album. Ye is an inspiration musically PERIOD. So many people are afraid to speak truth for fear of being cancelled! Something about this doesn’t feel right, and I believe we have to speak up. As cool as the Donda listening party was it felt so demonic. So NAH”




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The thing about this is that church should be all encompassing and if people want to get into try their hand at ministering, they should be able to do so. Just because his life isn’t perfect or to your standards, does it mean he isn’t capable. That goes against the whole “Come as you are” thing, right?

Congratulations to Kanye. Keep proving your detractors wrong.