Photo Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Kanye West announced his intent to run for President this 4th of July and what better time than the birthday of the nation. With that being said, it’s just unfortunate that he has literally under 6 months to run for the most powerful office in the land. And to think, Michael Bloomberg was criticized for getting into the race late. Kanye said “hold my beer” because he was going to put everyone to shame.

First, despite people saying his candidacy is just a rouse, he says he’s 100% serious. “Kanye is telling people close to him that his announcement of running for president is serious,” a source close to him said. “[He] has been toying with the idea for a while and has been getting more and more into politics.” This same source added that his wife Kim Kardashian and her family “fully support his dream to run for president,” and “feel he has more to offer than what people think.”

When Kanye first announced his candidacy, he had the immediate support of his friend Elon Musk who even took twinning pics with him. But 72 hours later and his support seemed to have waned off with a now deleted tweet explaining his newfound thoughts on Kanye’s candidacy saying, “We may have more differences of opinion than I anticipated.”

Then it’s been revealed that Kanye’s family is concerned about his mental health. Apparently he’s in the midst of a bipolar episode. A family source says he has a serious bout with bipolar disorder about once a year and this is it for him. Also, his bipolar disorder has those close to him concerned about his decision making during an episode. Well no sh**. He just announced running for President of the United States. This isn’t exactly the most convenient time for such a thing.

And now for the fun part. He has a Trump diss track out now about Trump hiding in his bunker during protests and riots going on outside of the White House. It’s one of three campaign freestyles he’s done because… well, he’s Kanye West. Why would he not have campaign freestyles? If Trump could rap, you’d better believe he’d have one. You might not have seen it but Trump took T.I.’s Whatever You Like and superimposed the lyrics “don’t want Joe Biden” over the part that said “I want yo’ body, need yo’ body.” It was both shady, wrong and hilarious AF. T.I. wasn’t amused but we know he laughed. If Kanye wants to diss either one of them, that’s the way you do it. He also posted a video of him registering to vote for the first time as well. Better late than never, right?

What I will say is exactly what I’ve stated since he announced running. Kanye has been one of our leading cultural influences this entire millennium so I’m not going to just toss him away after some lapses in judgment. I’ll pray for him instead. And while I’m glad he’s decided to be involved in the political process, I simply pray for his health and that he’ll find his correct place in politics whether it’s president or otherwise.