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Kanye West is back to talking about his divorce but is choosing a relatively tamer way to do so. He made a post to Instagram of a new poem of his talking about the experience comparing it to being “dragged over coals,” “full blown COVID” and a “lawyer who doesn’t know sh**” among other things.

Photo Credit: Kanye West/Instagram

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And while it is rather understandable and normal for a person to talk about some of their feelings online amidst a divorce, he hasn’t always done so in the healthiest of ways. He recently did a claymation music video for his song Eazy where he buries Kim K’s new beau Pete Davidson that drew the concern of people like D.L. Hughley who says he’s stalking his ex and says he doesn’t find it funny.

In an interview with VLADTV Hughley said, “I think that I’ve watched too many times where things like that happen that a woman … or someone who’s just not believed,” he continued, warning, “things escalate.” He also made himself clear saying, “He is stalking her! You can think it’s cute, but if it were my daughter … I’d do something about it.” And to the fact that people keep laughing at what he’s doing, he said “I don’t think it’s funny. Society laughs it off cus ‘she showed her ass all the time’ and ‘he’s this’ or ‘he’s that.'” He said “the only difference between him and a restraining order is about 20 hits, and a couple hundred million dollars. I just don’t think it’s funny.”

Men are statistically more susceptible to depression and even suicide after a divorce, neither of which are things any of us want to see but Kanye has been raising eyebrows with his behavior. We only hope that he’s able to cope with things in a healthy way. He has a new girlfriend, Chaney Jones. Hopefully she’s able to help him to move on.