Photo Credit: YeezyMafia/Twitter

Kim Kardashian has been out in public giving her new man hickie and having all types of public displays of affection and now here comes Kanye. Kanye’s not the type of man to just wish his ex well in the public and that be the end of it because that would be too much like right and that’s just not Kanye. While dropping off 1,000 meals on Skid Row at LA Mission, he decided to share some words about the dissolution of his marriage while he had a mic in his hand.

Kanye said while delivering meals that he’s publicly done things that were “not acceptable as a husband,” but believes “The Kingdom” aka God will restore things with him and Kim. He said that if God can bring them back together, they’ll be an inspiration to millions of others going through similar to try to reconcile. He also said if he can’t get back in the house then he’ll have to get one next door to be back around his kids. Now that should be interesting. Kim’s going to be in the house experiencing Pete Davidson’s big d*ck energy looking over her shoulder trying to see if Kanye’s outside peeping in. Aaht, aaht. Be easy, Kanye. Don’t force it. We know how you are. Don’t start.