Photo Credit: Kanye West/Instagram

Kanye West just released his first gospel album today after being delayed and to say that he’s transitioned after 15+ years of hip hop production, he did a great job on it. There is the fact that all 11 tracks come in under 30 minutes but this is Kanye we’re talking about. Most people have streaming subscriptions so there’s nothing to complain about. It isn’t as though they’re out any extra money over it. He said he’s working on another album to come out in December so just don’t get your panties in a bunch.

For the classic Kanye fans, don’t think he’s forgone to never do hiphop again. That’s hardly the case. Sources close to the new Christian artist say he’s still going to perform some of his older music, it’s just going to be more G rated. There’s going to be plenty of familiar beats as well even if the songs aren’t the same. If this sounds like a crazy concept, anyone who has ever seen Beyonce perform knows that she always rearranges her old music live. That’s what keeps it interesting and besides that, as time goes on, your voice changes and a new composition helps the fact that you’re aging be less obvious.

And at the end of the day, artists evolve. Lil Wayne went through the same thing when he started his signature animated voice within the last decade. He said if he continued doing the same thing he would have been talked about so it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. He also said he was going on tour right after releasing the album which would be his first tour since his 2016 hospitalization so unless you were privileged enough to have made it to any of his Sunday services, this will be your chance to encounter the new and improved Kanye. The album is expected to be a Number One seller topping the Hot 200 chart and we’re sure Justin Bieber is somewhere watching to see how this goes so he can consider whether a Christian album is in his future given how spiritual he’s been lately leading praise and worship in church and what not.