Photo Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Midnight Twitter was lit tonight for those who happened to have been up. Kanye West’s tweets were so on fire, they literally woke me up out of my sleep. I magically woke up in the middle of Kanye rage tweeting this morning. The first thing I saw at 3 am was “Kris Jong-Un” and automatically I knew it was Kanye. Two major truth bombs occurred on his timeline. One is that he says his wife Kim Kardashian’s family tried to have him involuntarily committed under a 5150 hold, the same Britney Spears had and he insinuated his wife either cheated with Meek Mill or tried to do so.

Kanye had already accused Kris of putting Kim up to doing her sex tape not long before. His friend Dave Chappelle flew out to see him to show support because that’s about the best thing that could be done now since reports are that attempts to help have been getting met with resistance. We just wish he had said something about how he was using social media. Chappelle did a show before where he said he would do a routine talking about his family, but of course, they’re not in the room. So it’s no real big deal. Then he saw them in the audience seconds before going on stage so it was too late to switch up then. He also revealed his wife didn’t speak to him the entire ride home. That’s Kanye. He seems to be gunning for that part.

In his barrage of tweets, Kanye said he had been trying to divorce Kim since she met with Meek Mill at the Waldorf Astoria for “criminal justice reform.” Now that’s not good. Maybe that crying he was doing at his campaign rally about what would happen if his wife left him was more than just a rant. It isn’t clear what happened between his wife and Meek but he said Meek was respectful but that it was his wife that was out of line. He also went into a tirade about how people didn’t believe Michael Jackson about Tommy Mottola until after he was dead. That part is scary.

We’re going to continue praying for Kanye but there’s a couple takeaways here. For one, we don’t want him to stop tweeting because we’re not going to let the Kardashians break Kanye. He’s been too important to the culture. Also, someone needs to go have a chat with Meek, and not one of those Waldorf Astoria chats. In case he’s thinking about pushing up on Kim, it would be in his best interest to reconsider because a Kanye at this state is not someone you want to have considering you enemy #1.

Oh, and he named some other people including Larsa Pippen with a thinking emoji. Nothing else was said but the entire Kardashian family unfollowed her this morning. She also deleted all pics with the family. So does that mean he cheated with her? Trump has threatened to bomb other countries on Twitter and hasn’t had this type of a reaction. Whew.