Photo Credit: Kanye West/Instagram

Kanye West has been having trouble on social media lately with accounts on Twitter and Instagram locked which lead him to want to purchase Parler. The acquisition was confirmed by the platform early October but the anti-censorship pancea known as Parler quickly proved to be not too far off from what he was running from. He found a post of his Friday afternoon with a content warning which isn’t exactly the platform he was seeking to buy.

The post in question was Kanye stating he was “starting to think” the term “anti-Semitic” was just a euphemism for the N-word. Shortly after his post was removed and covered up with a message saying, “Apple prohibits this content on IOS Apps. View it on Parler for Web.” Twitter removed the exact same post he made on Friday which shows this new platform isn’t far off from the one he called problematic. If there’s anything we know about social media platforms it’s that advertisers don’t want to share space with overt bigotry and offensive content and if they don’t say anything, the App Store and Google Play Store will refuse to carry the app so they HAVE to do something about these types of remarks.

In other news, the complaining that Conservatives do about Big Tech could have been avoided. We essentually have a duopoly of cell phone platforms. Google started making phones around 15 years ago. All of these Conservative philanthropists could have invested something or even now made an attempt to do so. The notion that a new platform is going to allow unmerited free speech simply is fantasyland if they still have to abide by the rules of those two App stores. So Kanye’s looking to invest in the wrong area, if you ask us.