Photo Credit: Benji Wilson Lake/Twitter

Kanye West had people staying up all night waiting for his new album DONDA to be released Friday after having a live streamed listening event on Thursday via Apple. Now today he’s pushed the release date back to August. One could say this was a publicity stunt but listening events are to get a feel from the public on what they think of your music. It’s possible he received some adverse reactions and wants to do some tweeks. It’s also worth noting he was almost 2 hours late to Thursday’s event.

But don’t fret. Kanye’s getting the album done. He’s forgoing his Rolling Loud festival appearance to get the project done. In fact, he’s living inside of Mercedes Benz Stadium in ATL to do it. He’s created a studio space for himself, living quarters and has a chef there. He was wearing the same thing he had on at Thursday’s DONDA event at a soccer game there today. And this time the new release date is August 6th.

Are you excited for Kanye’s new album to come out?