Photo Credit: TMZ

Kanye West just released two gospel albums in a matter of months this past holiday season and hasn’t skipped a beat in his chart breaking success. In fact, he’s now tied with Eminem on the highest number of consecutive Number One albums with Jesus is Born, which came out on Christmas Day. And after a full year of performing his Sunday Service shows every week and venturing out to places as far out as Chicago and Skid Row, he’s now taking that success on the road in the form a full on tour. Yankee Stadium’s already booked for May thanks in part to him teaming up with Joel Osteen again. The show will be a part of Osteen’s Night of Hope tour, which goes to cities across the country. The sad part about this is that it took a white pastor to help Kanye with his vision and spiritual journey. You might remember Pastor Jamal Bryant bashing him after having him perform at his church months later. As usual, it’s always our own kind that we decide to stick it to.

And this gospel excursion Kanye’s been on wasn’t just some type of publicity stunt. He’s the definition of a creative and always embarking on projects that some will like, some will not, but he’s always been respected as a genius creative, nonetheless. When he performed on Skid Row, he said that this was an alternative to opioids and pornography. Now you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty good level of time management. In the time one would take watching porn, he put on gospel shows and wrote two gospel albums. Maybe it’s time for the rest of you to rethink what you’re doing in your quiet time. lol. But Kanye says he plans to go on tour across Africa and Europe along with other dates in Chicago, L.A., Detroit and Miami. All we can say is keep up the good work, Kanye. He says this saved his life and if it means that much to him and his transition into gospel has gone off without a hitch among his fan base, he’s got our thumbs up of support.