Kanye West just announced he’ll be running for president again as a climax to the wild ride that is the past few years since his divorce from Kim Kardashian that’s shown him incessantly trolling her and her new man. The announcement came in an ABC special recently where he’s looking to have another go around after losing in 2020 where he was a part of what he called the “birthday party” and not long had apologized for calling slavery a choice.

Well now Kanye’s ramped up the drama factor by entering the doors of his Yeezy fashion show for his season 9 collection in Paris wearing a White Lives Matter shirt alongside Candace Owens who was donning a matching one as well. A number of models wore a variation of th same design.

For context here, the Anti-Defamation League labeled White Lives Matter as a hate slogan citing members of the KKK wearing it as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s similar to All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter, both of which were created for the sake of delegitimizing criminal justice reform issues. Some of you may know me from my past life of trying to teach cultural competence to politicos, particularly Republicans where in the middle of 2020 I determined it was a lost cause speaking to the Right being that we had a President that was harping on division and I watched candidates for office choose to make no comment on the police issues and just say they stood with police as though they somehow were the bigger victims out of all this.

People have said since the death of his mother that Kanye needed help and his progressively worse behavior has been enabled since. I’ll just sum this up saying this is very disappointing.