Photo Credit: Saturday Night Live/NBC/YouTube

Kate Mckinnon has been entertaining fans “and foes” since 2012 on Saturday Night Live with impersonations ranging from Justin Bieber to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Hillary Clinton. And by foe, we’re talking about all of the people fans of the politicians she mocks. Seriously, people need to lighten up. But if it’s any consolation to those who resent those Rudy Giuliani skits, she just might be done at the show within the next few weeks. And just how could that be, you ask… especially when she’s done such a good job at carrying the characters of people so relevant to the current administration? Well her contract is up for renewal and it’s possible she could be moving on to bigger and better things.

Keep in mind, we’ve watched Kate Mckinnon for 7 years on SNL and another 3 on Comedy Central’s The Big Gay Sketch Show, so seeing her in another light indefinitely would be a culture shock for fans, but it looks like that might be what’s going to happen. She’s currently working on a mini-series based on the life of disgraced medical firm Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes who became a billionaire in the last decade with a fraudulent blood testing kit she raised massive amounts of money raising money funding and pushing onto the public. She was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud this past June and currently awaiting trial. You wouldn’t know it judging from all the fun she’s having out vacationing. She’s even reported to be engaged to a hotel heir. His family isn’t a fan of hers saying he’s been brainwashed by her. But he wouldn’t be the only one because she garnered the support of Bill Clinton, Henry Kissenger and Betsy Devos. If this series goes well, she’ll have a world of opportunity opened up for her. And given the outrage people currently have over scammers such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, she’s certain to have a lot of eyes on her for this project.

Danna Young, an associate professor of communication and political science at the University of Delaware explained how much of an influence she has outside of comedy saying, “McKinnon’s rise at ‘Saturday night Live’ has coincided with a new era of feminism and conversations about female empowerment and gender fluidity,” said Young. “Her status as one of the preeminent celebrity impersonators — not just female impersonations, but ‘person’ impersonations — embodies the spirit of this cultural moment. Just as today’s comics mention Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor as influences, I have no doubt that for decades to come we’re going to learn of female comics and character actors who were inspired watching Kate McKinnon as they were growing up.” Her influence is absolutely deniable and she’s going to be a success no matter which direction she goes. We just wish she could stay on just a little bit longer for SNL. One can only hope, right?