Photo Credit: Kathy Hilton/Instagram

Kathy Hilton has been inconspicuously been missing from production for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and sources close to the star say it’s because she’s looking for Bravo to pony up more money for her. And she’s turned down the first contract given to her. She wouldn’t be a full time cast member but a “friend” of the show again if she decides to go with it.

Her half-sister Kyle Richards was caught out in LA when TMZ caught up with her asking where was Kathy and was told she was helping her daughter Paris Hilton plan for her wedding. The two have a storied history with each other as Kathy didn’t speak to Kyle for close to a decade over her fight with sister Kim Richards exposing her for being an alcoholic during season 1.

During an interview on SiriusXM podcast Lunch with Bruce not long ago, she said “That to me, Paris [Hilton] and I watched that. We broke down, you know, when you cry and you’re shaking and your lip starts to quiver and my mommy’s not there and there’s no one it’s like — I felt helpless and alone. Paris was crying too.”

“Plus I’m very ADD,” she added. “I’m sure you can see that. I’m very quick and very … I can’t really, I don’t watch. And if I did watch that first season, I would only zip quickly to see Kim and Kyle. I can’t sit there and watch, it could be the best show in the world.”

As for other friends of the show, Marlo Hampton is said to have made $300,000 in 2019 and Tanya Sam made $150,000 according to Vulture. Two weeks after filming for the RHOBH’s reunion took place in September, she was asked by Kelly Clarkson if she would be returning for the next season to which she responded, “Well we first have to see if I’m invited back.”

“I mean I would love to…I had a lot of fun,” she told Clarkson while saying similar to Extra on October 13. “I have had a great time… First you have to see if you are invited back, but I’ve had a wonderful time… I love the girls.”

So we’re going to see if Bravo decides to give her more money. I mean, after all these years of Paris Hilton and other members of her family being in reality tv, why not give her mom some time to shine?