Photo Credit: CLTure

Katt Williams recently appeared on Jemele Hill’s podcast where he spoke about some shocking new revelations going on in his life. Apparently his team stole a whopping $59 million from him. He says he’s been under federal investigation for 6 years and couldn’t understand why it was taking so long. He just thought they were looking for a smoking gun. But seeing such a massive scam being ran right under his nose is nothing short of astonishing.

“In my search for who was this enemy that was causing all these things to repeatedly happen to me over and over again when it shouldn’t, we uncovered that it was actually my people that was involved. We didn’t really know that until the Department of Justice started indicting these people for the embezzlement of $59 million from Katt Williams.”

As soon as he found out who did it, he fired them all on the spot, as he should have. But also, as expected is that they didn’t all take it that well. They began engaging in “basically low-class extortion.” Williams claims, “…they didn’t give me my invitation to the Emmy(s) they didn’t tell me that I was so supposed to be presenting…they didn’t do anything.” Amazingly, he hasn’t been that in the dumps about what all happened. He says, “as with most of us that are going through things what we can be most proud of is how we handle ourselves while things are going on.”

One reason Katt might be in good spirits is an upcoming Netflix special he’ll be starring in soon, proving at 47 years old, even with what all he has going on, Katt has never fallen off. If anything, he is to be respected, even if his former team didn’t.