Photo Credit: MTV International

In a time that people are trying to keep themselves from being cancelled, comedian Katt Williams has quite a different and unexpected angle. In a discussion with Joe Budden, he said that your job as a comedian is to appeal to as many people as possible and if they have established guard rails for the things they don’t find funny, maybe you should listen to them. He made the comparison to shoulders of the road and the out of bounds line. He said no one likes either but they’re there for a reason.

My take on this is that there is a similar issue with things such as debate over who can use the N word, racism in media, etc. If you know something is insulting or offensive and you choose to do and say it anyway, well then you’re asking for the consequences. And he said if you’re not able to be funny without insulting your audience, maybe you’re not that funny.

I 100% agree with all of the above. I’d still argue sometimes some people push it a little much regarding what we shouldn’t have said but his message of needing to be mindful of your audience is important. I argue this all of the time as it pertains to politics and speaking to minority communities. Some people simply feel they should be able to go around offending people… which is fine. But if you choose to do it, don’t get mad at what happens next. That’s on you.