Photo Credit: Katy Perry/Instagram

This Valentine’s Day is going to be one to remember for pop star Katy Perry as she just got engaged to actor Orlando Bloom. They both posted a pic on their Instagram accounts of a close up of them both with a giant diamond ring conveniently photobombing the selfie. A rep for Katy Perry confirmed the news of the engagement Friday. Katy’s caption said “blossoms” referring to the design of the ring and his caption was “Lifetimes” which is completely appropriate for the woman to focus on the ring and the man, the future… just like any typical marriage. I kid.

But back to the design of the ring; ironically it looks eerily similar to his ex-wife, Australian model Miranda Kerr’s ring he got her back in 2010. Both have a flower bloom appearance with Miranda’s being a little smaller than his current fiance’s, which of course is appropriate because women do compare and if you’re going to get something similar, theirs had better be bigger. So while his taste might not have evolved, he’s at least followed the main cardinal rule of how to treat your next girl which is to make sure whatever they get is bigger and better than your ex.

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Moving forward in their relationship, Katy, now at 34 is ready to have children. She’s’ so serious about it that she’s considereing slowing her career down to do so. “Katy is slowing down her career this year,” a source told People Magazine.” They also “will want to get married and start a family soner rather than later.” This is also important because at her age she’s soon approaching the in vitro fertilization age. “They both want kids together and will prioritize this,” another source told the magazine.

Now before these two head off into marriage bliss, we have just one request of Katy and that’s that she apoligizes to Dolly Parton for stealing the show during her tribute, giving a performance outside of what was rehearsed. Until she does right by Dolly Parton, everything she looks at will fail. Don’t believe me? It’s in the Bible.