Photo Credit: Kehlani/Instagram

R&B singer Kehlani came out of the closet in April saying that everyone knew but her. She basically went on TikTok saying “I am gay ga-gay gay gay!!!” She also added “the f****** closet was glass,” which is actually pretty funny. She elaborated more on her coming out process in her Facebook Watch special, Pride On! Kehlani & Larray’s Excellent Pride Ride.

“I have a two-year-old daughter…She’s the best. Me and her dad are like really, really close friends, and the decision to start a family was really easy for us because we both believed in each other’s ability to be good parents,” she explained. “We just focus on being a team, honestly, and when I was able to tell him, like, I’ve come to newer terms with my sexuality and he’s super super super supportive.”

As for her way of addressing co-parenting, she said, “Like usually where people would bring up ‘mom and dad,’ we also say ‘mom and mom’ and ‘dad and dad,’” she continued.

And did we mention her child’s father Javaughn Young-White is bisexual? Now that’s interesting. He also came out while they were together. It’s likely a subconscious attraction the two had to each other both knowing they liked the same sex and got together without thinking that. As someone who came from DC, a place that has plenty of women happy to be beards and lots of other interesting arrangements, I try not to question what I see. Some men have been said to be so fine the women didn’t care if they liked the same sex or not. Whatever’s going on, this had to have been an interesting dynamic to watch between these two.