Photo Credit: Kel Mitchell/Instagram

Kel Mitchell’s ex wife Tyisha Hampton accused him of being physically and financially abusive last year in a TikTok expose clad in a bikini. And for those who might have questioned the legitimacy of what she was saying based on what she was wearing, now their daughter Allure has chimed in claiming he was a bad father. In a now deleted TikTok video she said “My father is the type of man to fake as if he’s in my life but he’s not. He was there ‘financially.’” She explained that he was there to pay her high school tuition, college campus housing, and bought her first car. She says she walked away from him for awhile to show she could be indendent.

The video took a sharp turn when she spoke about her experience being homeless once in college and how her father not once tried to help and touched on “unimaginable degrees of abuse” because of his absence. “A father should also be there emotionally. A father should be there for their daughters in need. A father should provide. A father should just simply care […] He lives in this delusional world that my mother is ‘out to get him’ no she’s out to get what’s owed to her. You owe my mother so much.”

“While you got to live your greatest life for ten years without out us, building your career and selling the house your es wife and your children were living in. The same house that was actually bought with the help of my grandparents. I had to experience unimaginable degrees of abuse due to this I never really got the chance to just [be] a child. He never asked me why I wanted to be a lawyer but the reason I do is because I had to watch my mom research the law to help her keep our…”

She went into detail about him being absent from her life saying, “He’s only visited me, I think, three to four times in my four years of going to college. And the one day he did come to see me, it was actually that conversation that happened… And he said that. That the reason why he doesn’t see me, the reason why he can’t put in all of that — all of this energy to actually be a father and not just pretend to be for the internet — is because he’s an actor. And he doesn’t have a normal job like other dads. And that right there to me sounds like… excuses and slight narcissism. And that’s what I have a problem with.”

As of now Kel Mitchell has now responded to the allegations made by his daughter. We just hope this doesn’t end like Kirk Franklin and his son who ends up on Bad Boys Club or in her case Bad Girls Club. Fix it Kel because Zeus is just a phone call away.