Photo Credit: Kelly Price/Instagram

The internet got shooketh today amid reports of R&B legend Kelly Price being missing. She announced catching COVID over the summer in July and hasn’t been seen since. TS Madison tweeted a week ago if anyone had seen her and voila, today she was reported as being missing with the National Crime Information Center. Her attorney told Cobb County police that she was accounted for after a welfare check had been conducted at her home.

After Kelly was discharged from the hospital, her family said her boyfriend was keeping family from visiting her which is what inspired the welfare check. But if people with COVID are supposed to quarantine, he was doing what was supposed to be done. And her attorney has reiterated that she’s fine. All I’m going to say was that I saw when TS Madison mentioned about her being missing a week ago and I chose not to write about it. When it made the news today, I still held off on saying anything but I made it known that if Kelly Price ended up dead, you all are going to have to peel me off of the floor because I’m not going to be any earthly good. I would trade some other people instead of her. So I’m glad to see she’s fine so you all wouldn’t have to deal with a post-Kelly Vonni.