Kelly Rowland was a member of one of the most successful girl groups in history, Destiny’s Child and if there was any artist said to have financial issues, she would be the last one to come to mind. This revelation came during an interview Rowland did with her pastor, Erwin McManus where she spoke about the importance of generosity in spite of what your current circumstances are. That’s when dropped the truth bomb revealing it was her first time commenting about her previous financial struggles.

“I watched my mom be a generous person,” Kelly explained. “I watched her give her very last. I watched her give with faith, and I would be thinking ‘Where am I gonna eat?'” She continued saying, “Even going through my own time where there was a lot of–no one will believe this and it’ll actually be the first time I talk about it–where I almost lost everything because I was so busy trying to keep up. Whether it was the look, whether it was the wardrobe, whether it was the car, whether it was the place, whether it was the–you know what I mean? All that silliness.”

“You were rich-broke,” Erwin noted, which made Kelly laugh. “Rich broke!” she exclaimed. “Rich broke.” Kelly then recalled her best friend telling her that despite her money problems, she still needed to give to others. By the following week, “things just started to happen. Good things.”

She also revealed that she dropped her husband as her manager and decided to just focus on being husband and wife instead of working together professionally. Now that has to sting considering that she experienced financial trouble while being married to her manager, someone that’s supposed to protect you as an artist. But that’s life and at least she was able to identify the problem and do something about it. Also, opening up about these issues isn’t an easy thing to do so she gets credit for that as well.