Photo Credit: Kenan Thompson/Instagram

Kenan Thompson has been on SNL since 2003, almost as long as some of the show’s viewers have been alive. And the inevitable question is, how long does he plan on staying and when is he leaving? Well he’s stated that as the longest running castmember in the show’s history that he doesn’t plan on going anywhere saying to Entertainment Weekly, “I keep saying I’m trying to get to 20 [seasons].

So if they don’t throw me out of there before, I’m trying to get to 20. And then, I don’t know if it makes sense for me to leave even after that point. As long as the show keeps going and they want me to be there and I don’t feel like I’m in the way of somebody else’s opportunity, should I just oblige? I don’t really know what to do at this point, as far as leaving is concerned. Like, why should I ever have to leave?”

While most have left SNL to take on other projects, Thompson has gotten his own show Kenan that he just got Emmy nominations for showing that some can balance just fine. “It’s like nobody thought to do it that way,” he explains. “Because it would seem like a hindrance in your career or something, like you’re stuck. But, for me, it’s the exact opposite. It’s always been a thing that makes people want to have me when I’m unattainable. So it’s worked in my favor to be busy 10 months of the year.”

If you’re wondering what happened to his former Nickelodeon counterpart Kel Mitchell, he’s a youth pastor that just started on MTV’s new spinoff to their show Ridiculousness, Deliciousness that is currently in a bitter feud with his ex-wife. He divorced Tyisha Hampton in 2005 but she’s been suing him for 7 figures of back child support and says he’s accusing her of domestic abuse when he was the one abusing her. She also had photo evidence to back it up. We reported on that earlier in the month.